Aeryon introduces the HDZoom30 Imaging Payload System

The Aeryon HDZoom30 Imaging Payload enables aerial image capture at 30x Optical Zoom. This Aeryon imaging payload sets a new standard for clarity and precision in unmanned aerial imagery, enabling operators of the Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS to capture high quality video and still images at more than 1000 ft. (300 m) from their target. The Aeryon HDZoom30 makes it possible for ground teams to determine the thread count on a bolt, recognize a face or read a license plate at safe or covert stand-off distance.

Canadian Technology and the Flight of the Drones

Aeryon Labs was featured in The Globe and Mail in an article, linked here, that sheds light on a side of drones that is often overlooked: their commercial value. The article discusses the vast commercial applications for drones in jobs ranging from land surveyance and crop monitoring, to Amazon's vision of unmanned package delivery. The article notes the regulatory hurdles in the U.S.

Drone Systems Works to Protect Citizens' Privacy Rights and to Protect Public Safety Use of Drone Technology

The Scout UAS and Drone Systems team were recently featured on a story about drones for Charleston, SC's Channel 2 News. The special "Eye on the Sky" report investigates how Drone Systems is working in partnership with SC lawmakers to ensure that citizens' privacy rights are protected while making UAS technology available for vital public safety use. View this special report here